Quality That Matters

Let's take your software products to the next level.

What can we offer?

The harsh competition and fast-paced market are always increasing the demand for faster delivery with no sacrifice made on quality. Unsatisfied customers have a myriad of competitors to switch to.

We can help you improve your quality processes, increasing your speed of delivery. We offer assessment services of your current quality checks and propose improvements to spend less time firefighting and more time investing in innovative products, attracting new clients. Our consultancy packages will enable us to work closely with your teams and solve specific problems they are facing. We also offer a number of training packages which can fill the knowledge gaps in Test Automation, Performance Testing, CI/CD integration, and other areas that your tech teams have been struggling with.

Our work in the industry has exposed us to the latest technologies and methodologies which can take your business to the next step forward. We aim in understanding your business needs and bringing you actual results towards your technology and business goals.

"Testing without strategy is the slowest route to failure"


Who are we?

Andrea Mangion
Co-Founder & CEO
Clyde vassallo
Co-Founder & CTO
Years Combined Experience in QA

Experience in
various industries

Banking, telecommunications,
gaming, security software

Leadership and technical

QA Governance, Test automation frameworks, testing event-based systems, providing training