Extending the current Workforce

Team Extension Services

The Team Extension Services are designed to help you scale up your development and delivery capabilities to support your business requirements. Through these services, we extend your team with resources and help you integrate them with your existing workforce. The nature of these resources will differ depending on your needs. Whether you want to ramp up your development by onboarding entire teams or you increase your capabilities in a specific specialisation, such as DevOps or Quality Assurance, reach out and we can further discuss your needs!

The process


Requirements Gathering

Through a series of meetings, we understand what kind of resources you require and the technical capabilities you are after.



We match available and prospective resources with your needs and conduct a series of interviews to create a list of potential candidates.


Candidate Validation

We present you with a proposal including the shortlisted candidates for approval.



Upon approval, these resources start working as an extension of your existing workforce. We recommend having an onboarding process that enables these resources to generate value by getting them familiar with your domain, processes, tools, and technologies.


Post-Onboarding Support

After these resources start operating within your teams, we continue monitoring and supporting their outcome through our mentoring and consultancy services.

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