understanding the current state of quality

Self-assessment process

The Self-Assessment process is a fixed-price consultancy-led review of the Software Quality Assurance processes. Throughout this exercise, we will understand the current state of quality in your organisation. Based on this understanding, we will recommend concrete steps you can take to optimise your quality assurance efforts.

The process


Management Meetings

Hold meetings with management to understand their vision on quality improvement.


Team Surveys

Gather data from the relevant development teams through a curated list of questions.


Stakeholder Interviews

Validate the gathered data through a number of stakeholder interviews.


Data Analysis

Compile a report illustrating results from quantitative and qualitative analysis of data collected from the surveys and interviews.


Delivery of Findings

Present the compiled reports and use them to steer a discussion with management.


Management insights report

Aimed at helping management better set the quality objectives of individual teams and support teams in overcoming their unique challenges.

State of quality report

Describes the current maturity level of quality assurance processes in the organisation. We recommend sharing this report with all internal stakeholders to provide visibility.

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