Docker for Testing


  • An understanding of basic Docker commands.
  • Building and running tests in Docker.
  • Using Dockerfiles.
  • Using docker-compose.

About this Course

Docker has revolutionized the way we build, test and deploy software. Docker provides a lightweight alternative to Virtual Machines (VMs). This technology helps developers package applications with required libraries and dependencies. This process creates Docker Images.

Docker uses these Images to spin up Containers. This enables the application to run in an isolated environment. Such a shift results in teams redesigning their development and release processes. This puts pressure on test automation processes to follow suit. Even though it presents some challenges, Docker brings many benefits to test automation. These benefits make it an irreplaceable tool in every QA Specialist’s toolkit. During this course, participants learn the basics of Docker. We learn to create our own Images and spin up Containers. We delve deeper into how to leverage Docker in overcoming age-old testing challenges. The ultimate aim is to modernize our test automation practices. Finally, this course concludes with a practical session.

During this session, we learn how to create a Docker Image with automated tests. After taking this course, participants are able to create Docker Images including tests. Participants learn how to make the best use of these Images when running as Containers. This knowledge exposes to participants the benefits of this technology and how to use them in the daily testing activities.

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Entry Requirements

  1. Basic knowledge of the build lifecycle including restoring dependencies, compilation, and packaging.
  2. Basic understanding of test automation.

Who is it for?

  • Software Developers
  • Software Quality Assurance Specialists (QA Engineers, Software Testers, SDETs)
  • Software Delivery Specialists (DevOps Engineers, Release Managers, Service Delivery Managers)
  • Software Architects


6 hours


Format Price
Individual – Public Classroom €150
Individual – 1-on-1 P.O.R.
Corporate P.O.R