Developing an Agile QA mindset


  • Agile QA mindset principles.
  • The evolution of the QA Specialist role.
  • Understand the Testing Pyramid.

About this course

Continuous Delivery has completely overhauled the way we develop and deploy our software. This shift brought shorter deployment cycles. Development cycles lasting a couple of months are now reduced to days or even hours. Most companies are embracing these changes in their development and deployment process.  Yet we still find companies attempting to hold on to their older testing processes. 

This shift is also bringing a change in the role of the traditional tester in a team or organisations. The sole responsibility of the tester was to ensure high-quality delivery of products. Companies are taking more of an agile approach, focusing on faster delivery. As a result, the QA responsibility is shifting to the whole team, rather than a particular role. The QA Specialist in an Agile team is there to drive the QA mindset. This role ensures that quality is present at all the development and delivery stages. 

This course uses games and activities to help us understand these concepts and how testing is a continuous process. Quality Assurance starts from when requirements are received. It goes on even after the software is delivered to the end-user. This course seeks to create the mindset that quality is a shared responsibility. 

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Entry Requirements

  1. Basic understanding of software development.

Who is it for?

  • Software Developers
  • Software Quality Assurance Specialists (QA Engineers, Software Testers, SDETs)
  • Software Delivery Specialists (DevOps Engineers, Release Managers, Service Delivery Managers)
  • Software Infrastructure Specialists (Infrastructure Engineers, Network Engineers)
  • Software Architects
  • Change Agents (Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches)
  • Product Owners, Business Analysts and Project Managers


4 hours


Format Price
Individual – Public Classroom €70
Individual – 1-on-1 P.O.R.
Corporate P.O.R