Building the Right System Through BDD


About this COURSe

Nowadays, software companies need to keep up with their competitors to attract clients. With this in mind, they are focusing on quickly delivering new products to their customers. However, without the right processes in place, they might end up not delivering real value to the end-user.   

Above all, this happens when teams become disconnected from their customers. They end up developing new products based on unclear and vague requirements. As a mitigation, teams tend to explore more effective development processes, such as Behavior Driven Development (BDD)BDD is a process which helps technical and non-technical stakeholders communicate requirements. 

This course introduces participants to two BDD activities: Example Mapping and 3 Amigos. In essence, the idea behind these activities is to create a shared understanding of specifications. These activities stir important and structured discussions. Another tool introduced to participants is the Gherkin syntax. It is a commonly used format to define Acceptance Criteria. Through specialized tools, such Acceptance Criteria are also automated as tests. Teams use these automated tests to communicate the quality of the current system. Ultimately, these tools enable businesses to continuously make sure that the final delivery both works as expected and is what the customers need. 

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Entry Requirements

  1. Basic understanding of software development. 

Who is it for?

  • Software Developers
  • Software Quality Assurance Specialists (QA Engineers, Software Testers, SDETs)
  • Software Architects
  • Change Agents (Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches)
  • Product Owners, Business Analysts and Project Managers


4 hours


Format Price
Individual – Public Classroom €100
Individual – 1-on-1 P.O.R.
Corporate P.O.R