Our courses are carefully designed to deliver the practical content which can be employed by attendees to maximize the value they bring to their organisations. The material includes lessons learnt from over 17 years of experience in the industry working in Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Leadership roles.

For anyone interested in learning more about how software is developed and delivered in the industry, our latest "Modern Software Development using Microservices" online course is being offered in collaboration with the eSkills Malta Foundation:

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All our courses are offered in three different formats:
  • a Private Classroom format for organisations looking to upskill their workforce.
  • a Public Classroom format for individuals looking to invest in their skillset.
  • a 1-on-1 setting for individuals looking for a more personalised experience.

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  • specializeD quality assurance Courses:

    Building the right system using BDD

    This course will teach you how to create a shared understanding of requirements by  collaboratively transforming them from ambiguous incomplete text snippets to well-defined concrete examples ready to be automated.

    Developing a Risk-based Testing Strategy

    This course will teach you how to maximise the business value of your testing efforts. Through a technique called Risk Storming, you will be identifying the most important quality attributes, uncovering the most critical risks and discovering techniques to mitigate them.

    End-to-end API Testing

    If you have experienced the pain of large UI testing suites but are not willing to rely solely on the limited guarantees of Unit tests, this course is just for you. You will learn how to automate tests for your system exercising it through its API using tools like SpecFlow, Refit and NUnit.

    Docker for Testing

    This course will teach you how to leverage Docker to scale up your test executions. Through Docker, you will be able to parallel high-level automated tests and get consistent results without worrying about the operating system, libraries and SDK versions installed on the test execution environment.

    Developing an Agile QA Mindset

    This course focuses on how Quality Assurance practices have adapted to work within an Agile environment. It will challenge the way you look at QA, challenge you to see it as an activity rather than a phase, as a shared responsibility of the team rather than that of someone with a QA role.


    An Introduction to Software Testing

    This course gives an introduction to the basic concepts of the Software Testing activity and describes the most important functions executed in the process of Quality Assurance. This is the perfect course for anyone who wants to actively participate in Software Testing discussions or start a career in this ever growing activity.​

    Adding Quality Gates in CI/CD Pipelines

    Fast and frequent software delivery is one of the key attributes to the success of software companies. This course explores how to best execute your automated tests as quality gates to various stages of the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that quality is not sacrificed at the altar of speed.

    An introduction to Performance Engineering & Testing

    This course will teach you how to better understand the limits and behaviour of your systems under heavy loads. You will learn about the different types of performance tests and how to automate them using JMeter.

    End-to-end UI Testing using Selenium

    End-to-End UI testing has earned a bad reputation in the industry and became known as slow and brittle. During this course you will learn how to avoid common pitfalls of UI testing. You will learn to identify when tests should be automated at this level and how to do so using Selenium.