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Why Choose Us?

We know that our clients are the key to our success.

Through Pragmatest, we aim to help you build and deliver better software. To this end, we want to share with you the battle-tested tools, techniques and processes we have gathered throughout our career.

We want to provide you with a clear path for improving the quality of the systems you are delivering. Above all, we want to share with you all the knowledge you need to follow it.

"If you're too busy to build good systems, then you'll always be too busy"

Brian logue

What we can Offer!

We help you deliver quality software


Self-assessment study

Understand the maturity level of your quality assurance processes and get a clear recommended path to improve.


Test automation capability

Learn how to automate your testing efforts using the latest tools and industry practices.


quality assurance processes

Learn how to integrate quality assurance with your Agile development processes.


Continuous stable delivery

Learn how to build CI/CD pipelines that safely build, test, deploy, and release your software.


Quality strategy development

Develop a quality strategy at the start of your next project discovering dependencies, risks, and mitigation techniques.


Consultancy hours

Get dedicated support from a quality assurance specialist to solve more specific challenges.

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Meet the Founders

We are determined to contribute towards building a quality culture in the industry and make software quality accessible to all.
Co-founder & CEO

Andrea Mangion

Specialises in test strategy development, quality governance, business intelligence and agile processes.
Co-founder & CTO

Clyde Vassallo

Specialises in testing frameworks, test automation, continuous delivery and system architecture.